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14 Simple modes of Punishment
Restrictiveaffected. Of the different spheres of and general that are the palpable any be from the Differences in of a great. The only partial matter that be separately confined are those induced with . Of and such are induced with any condemnable that in separate motion the member is by are only h. the lower & The 4 <hi rend="superscript">thly the arms. 4th the legs. part of 2 the tongue. the same body it is affected by the connections of the part with a foreign body which is immoveable; or with another part of the same body to as to render the whole their sort that are in use are put in the Pillory. 2nd by the stocks. 3rdly chaining to the floor. 4thly and Pillory of Stocks<del> In the Pillory the body is confined by the neck and arms. In the stocks by the legs, the body in both those cases in an upright position
Chaining to the floor Chaining to the floor like is in use so for the sake of ensuring the confinement of the whole person It the is not to [apply] for any formal sentence of the Judge is applied not in consequence of any formal sentence but by the Gaoler, that is its charge it belongs its the sufferer under to his confinement, of his own authority, where sufferer</hi>

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