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Difference between real and apparent "Pun."

may be stiled in conformity to Mr Hum a distinction
made by Mr Hume,) the impression of punishment pain. If the actual impression of punishment pain is employed directly It is only for the purpose of compulsion. that the impression of punishment is
[For the purpose In the way] of Punishment, if the
impression of pain is employ'd it is only for
the sake of producing and supporting the idea.

This idea may either be adequate or inadequate:
it is adequate when it is an exact though
faint copy of the impression: it is inadequate when
besides being faint it is inexact.

There are two three ways in which such a copy may
be taken: by having undergoing the impression itself
one's self: 2dly by seeing others undergo it: 3. by reading or hearing of the Law which in which it
is stands described, [; as being that which in the case in
question all are to undergo].

For start the convenience of discourse, the actual impression
of pain, (that is in other words the pain
itself) when inflicted in the way of Punishment,
may be stiled, real Punishment: the idea of
pain, or the copy of that impression taken
in any of those ways, apparent Punishment.
When taken in the first of way, it may be stiled
apparent punishment as experienced; in the
second, it as des inflicted: in the third as denounced.
Or in the first way it may be stiled
apparent upon the face of the experiment: in the 2d
upon, [the face of of the] observation: in the 3d, upon
the face of the description. or 4, experienced, as observed & as reported.

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