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Measure of Punishment.

These rules then serve to limit the quantity
of the punishment on the minus side. If
there required no others to they could be admitted to limit it on the plus
side also, as at first glance it would appear
they might, our task would be accomplished.
But this, as we shall see presently
is not the case.

How so it will be said? since if the apparent punishment
be ever so little greater than the
profit of the crime, & so a man will not
committ it. Any thing more then than this
minimum which is requisite to turn the scale,
will be so much misery in waste.

I answer so it would be; were there but
one sort of crime offer in the world: or were all if all the mischief
of all crimes were equal.
crimes productive of equal mischief. It is because
some crimes are more mischievous
than others, that the punishment of the some must be punished more
than others.

From this consideration result the a further set of rules
that serve to limit punishment on the plus which in a multitude of cases tend to give the requisite quantum of punishment a further encrease [tend to raise the quantum of punishment still
side more] before it any limits can be admitted set
to it on the plus side, [to set enlarge set back the limits
of the quantum of punishment on the plus side: in a
(word, which can) make it necessary to apply a greater quantity of punishment thanit would otherwise be necessary to apply

Rule 5
The A Punishment for any crime ought not to be less than
what is requisite to make it exceed the punishment
all of all such every such that ofsuch other crimes as being of attended with crimes of equal profit, and taking its their burthen from the same
motive and opportunity with that former, are

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