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Measure of Punishment

in this place to give an example by
way of illustration. Let Theft, Robbery and Murder
be an instance of such a series of crimes beginning of with the lowest. Let
it be in a man's power to get the same sum
suppose £10 in either of those three ways. The punishment
for Theft must according to the four preceding
rules be equal equivalent to the profit of the crime, with
a ballance over: therefore the punishment for the Robbery must
be more than equal to that profit with the same ballance
over, added to another quantity besides: that
too of the murder must be equal to that of the
robbery, with another a second additional quantity: what
So is plain already: but what these
additional quantities ought respectively to be, are questions
we are not as yet prepared to answer.

It is not enough that the pain of the punishment
will apparent as well as real as apparent, be it something equal and a little
more, at an average rate of both, to the profit apparent
ent as well as real
of the crime: it must be so in every individual
instance. If it were so only at an average
rate the number of instances in which it fell short would be equal in number to those in which it proved sufficient, [it would fall of being sufficient short in as many
instances as it succeeded proved sufficient]: and in as many instances
as it failed fell short it would not answer an it's end:
the crime would be committed. It is necessary The business is
to give the punishment so to order matters is possible, as the preponderance in
every case that can happen: even where the apparent

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