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Measure of Punishment.

another his life and every thing else he holds dear
may depend upon the possession of it. These concurrent
irregularities in the present desire strength of the temptation and in
the apparent punishment, are what make it necessary
to raise the quantity of real punishment
upon the whole so much above the level to what which
it would otherwise be expedient would otherwise be the proper one to raise it.

Unhappily the impetuosity, the thoughtlessness, the blindness such is the nature of mankind that let
the real punishment be what it will, there is
scarce any sort of offence that which the Legislator
can be sure in all cases of preventing. This
being the case he has thought however he would generally been however for doing
do all he could; and in this view he has raised
the punishment for some crimes at least, to as
high a pitch as he could well contrive. In order to
make sure work (of it), or at least as sure as
he could make of it, he has (set to work) and
in the first instance, (without thinking of the people
of the crime, with for respect to such crimes as
anger'd him most, he has appointed the highest
punishment he could think of. This he has been
tempted to do over & over again in so many successive
instances in other and other crimes. Sometimes
he has yielded to the temptation: Sometimes he has
seen in a composed manner, that for one reason
or other, it was not right to screw up the punishment
for all crimes to the same levels: He has
then stopt short. Abominable however as the
plan of punishment is in some nations, it has
in no nation perhaps been screw'd up alltogether

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