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Recapitulate at last the number of
to be attended to in settling the bounds
of punishment, and thus which can be attended
to by the Legislator and which must
be left by him to the Judge.

A circumstance There is one consideration that tends to limit the degree quantity
of torment in capital punishment: in this to wit in point of intensity
Whatever influence it has is exerted at one or other
of two conjunctions: on the reading the description
of the punishment as given by the Law: or on
seeing the execution.

On reading of it what strikes him most is the circumstance most apt to strike
him is the intensity: the circumstance of duration
is comparatively but little if at all attended
to. A small difference in the apparent
intensity of two modes kinds of death strikes with great
force upon the imagination: the circumstance idea of duration
is in a great measure absorbed in the
idea of death, the terminating catastrophe of the

case is that in the words descriptive of any
such mode of punishment the circumstance of duration
is never directly brought to view. Words
are given which determine represent perhaps as far as it is in the
nature of words to determine represent the intensity of the punishment:
but concerning its duration nothing
at all is said. All that a man can collect can The duration is no further limited
than as it stands limited by the species mode of punishment
in question. All therefore The utmost therefore that a man can possibly collect

It never directly meets
the ear

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