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Of the Lex Talionis.

minute. For it is in this case that by means of the strict identity
of the part affected, the "hurt" is capable of being
rendered the most accurately the "same". "An eye for
"an eye, and a tooth for the a tooth", are the common
instances that are put of the Law of Retaliation.
In this case too the identity may be parked still
farther by making the manner of affecting the part,
the same as well as the part itself: for the sameness of the hurt will depend in some measure upon the identity of the
one circumstance part of circumstances as well as of the other. Thus if the
injury consisted in the burning out of an eye, the
punishment will be more strictly the same if it
be by consist burning out the eye of the delinquent than if it were by
cutting out. For the hurt will probably be different
to wit greater in the part of those cases than in
the other.

To Insa: 1. No I. The mode of punishment being thus explained, let
us now take a short view of its advantages and

In the first place it is not uniformly convertible
to profit. It is convertible to Profit only where
the offence was reasonably convertible to Profit. To wit where consisted in an injury done to property: except
it consisted in an of injury to property by an unjust
seizure and occupation of any article of property; if
in one case of offences affecting the person, to wit where the
in an injury to the person, by the party injured injury consisted in the exaction of
to laborious

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