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Of the Lex Talionis

7. One of the most striking advantages of such athis plan
in punishment is its extreme simplicity. This
property it possesses in a most remarkable degree.
The whole plan of punishment is may be laid down in the compass of a
dozen words. "Let the criminal delinquent suffer the same hurt
"he has done the party injured". No other plan that
can be imagined can for its extent it find near so
easy an entrance into the apprehension, or sit so
easy in the memory. The rule by in which it is
may be exhibited is so short and in its expression and at the same time striking in its purpose so
that he who has once heard it is not likely
to forget it. With this rule in His mind He never can think of the crime but
he must think also of the punishment. And it has been already observed that [Now] for a
punishment to be of any use it must be thought of:
to be of any use on any occasion, it must be
thought of on that occasion. It is in this way and
this way alone that punishments of ever so many
different species and degrees, and annexed to ever
so great a number of different ordinances may
be convey'd consigned to the memory by a single sentence.

This plan of punishment seems to be popular
enough among with the multitude of writers and speculators, though in a singular enough
way. It has seems to have their judgment in its favour
but without subduing their affection. However
should they in any instance be disposed to
quarrel with it, they will still be ready enough

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