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Simple afflictive Punishments.


a man stands up during the operation, or is laid
upon a board is a circumstance not at all special that makes no
material difference.
See B.2. ch. of Torture.


A singular enough kind of punishment is one
which I have heard of as having been put in
practice upon his crew by a Captain of anEnglish a British man of
war for the offence of profane swearing. In Bound the
neck of the delinquent was inserted into a put a wooden collar, square
at its outer edge, with a cannon ball hanging
to each corner. This whimsical kind of neck
lace the patient was to wear, till he could find
some one who had made acquired a title to it by an instance of the
like delinquency.

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In the three four last mentioned modes of inflicting pain, the
effect is produced as in the first case, by the
mechanical powers of the instrument. It acts in
the last of all exactly principally by weight; in the three others by elasticity:
and it is the instrument that is made to act upon
the patient. In all the other cases it is in a solid
form: in the last it is in a fluid.

Pickeering is performed by suspending the patient
in such a manner that the weight of his body shall
rest principally on a spike which he is made to
stand on by one foot.

The wooden Horse, as it is called, is a narrow
ledge on a board on which the patient is made to
sit astride. So the surface which he has to support him
is greater in this case than the other, it is usual in
order to encrease the effect of the pressure to hang weights
on to his legs.

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