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Simple afflictive Punishments.

so as not quite to touch but is stopped before he is permitted quite to reach the ground. The whole
force which his body has acquired in the descent,
is thus made to bear upon his arms. The consequence
is they are generally dislocated at the
shoulder. The pain however intense as it is, is not necessarily attended with
any mischief of a permanent nature, a surgeon
being in readiness to set the bone again.
This punishment is said to be in use in Italy
in certain cases.[a] In the Inquisition it is said
to have been employ'd in the way of torture.

It differs from all the others that have been
mentioned in that the effect is produced by making
a part or the whole of the patient's body act upon
another part. The engine is not employ'd directly
to the parts which are made principally to suffer. and is employ'd
either as

Scorching is another of the modes of infli producing
pain that was practised by the Dutch for the purpose of torture in
the transaction of Amboyna. It was performed
by the flame of burning torches applied to various
parts of the body. The French In France it was employ'd for the purpose of punishment at the execution of
Ravaillac, and again at that of Damiens. The
instruments made use of were pitch and tar in


[a] I have seen a print of the Carnaval at Venice,
in which one of the figures is that of a delinquent
on whom this operation is performing. I
have been told that it is usual to punish pick-pockets
in this manner who are found taking advantage
of that celebrity to exercise their vocation occupation.
The punishment is inflicted on the spot. M. Grosley
mentions it as one of the pu modes of punishment in use
in [Italy]. See Observations Sur Italie par deux Gentilshommes Suédois. T. p.

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