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Simple afflictive Punishments

How is variously soever the causes be diversified
the effect is still one and the same; viz.
the organical pain, whether of the acute kind
or the uneasy. This is the effect that is common
to these sorts: to all these modes of punishment: there are other points in which
they may differ.

1st One mode of them mode of punishment may
carry the intensity of the pain it to a higher
or lower pitch than it could be carried to by another.

2dly One may be purer from consequences which
are not intended. for the purpose in question it is not may or may not be intended to produce.

These consequences may be 1st the continuance
of the organical pain itself beyond the application time
during which the instrument is applied.
of the instrument: 2dly the production of any
of those other ill-consequences which constitute the respective mischief
the other kinds of corporal punishment. 3dly the ignominy 3dly the subjecting
the patient to ignominy.

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These points are the most obvious in which one
of these modes of punishment may differ from
another: other points there are which will be enumerated
when we come to te speak of the properties
of to be wished for in a mode of Punishment. The points
in which they differ are as has been already intimated
in number altogether infinite; but the
points in which their difference is of any importance
are not many.[a] In very If this be
true there can be no use in heaping up any
extraordinary variety of such punishments. In
point of intensity in particular, the most simple and obvious
means are sufficient for producing pain in any variety

[a] The number of them will be determined by the ends
which the Legislator ought to have in view in punishing.
See B.II. Ch.

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