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Simple afflictive Punishments.
Ins. – att Subsequent organical pain
From p.11

As to the quantity of organical pain that may
continue to subsist after the application of
the instrument has ceased, this will be infinitely
various according to the infinitely various circumstances
by which a punishment of the kind in
question may be characterised: viz: the kind of
instrument, the powers by which it is made to
act, the part to which it is applied, and the
manner of applying it.

In the way of scarification, contusion, & laceration and contusion, as
a quantity of pain sufficient to answer the purpose
of punishment can scarcely be produced
without it's lasting for a very considerable time
after the application of the instrument. Every
one knows that the bruise of a stick, a wound of a knife or sword, the cut would
of a knife
, or the mixt effect produced by the
stroke of a hard rod, takes a considerable time
to heal. They time will be longer or shorter
according to the temperament of the patient, but
at any rate it will be considerable. Besides the particular smart which is the necessary result of the operation, An inflammatory
disease is very apt to be produced, which
first more particularly affects the sore part, but
which is will some times spread itself over the
whole system. In this last case it is commonly
stiled the Symptomatic fever.

It is by Later d Physicians have stiled it The General
Inflammation; discarding the name of Fever, not being a name
which ought appropriately
the disease most commonly
meant under that appellation being effectually different from
this in a multitude of particulars: for whereby the method of treatment
accordingly is is also very different.

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