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Simple afflictive Punishments examined.

Simple afflictive punishments any more than any other punishments of the passive kind are not any
of them at all in any degree convertible to
Profit.[a] In this respect they fall short to are inferior to active punishments
and even to some species of restrictive: but more eminently to pecuniary. They are upon a par with Infamy.

They are as frugal on the part of the public as any other mode of punishment. be and that as as on the part
of the public

In point of certainty they are liable to no objection.

In point of equability they would be very objectionable
if it were no regard were to be paid
to the different degrees of susceptibility of which different in different persons
to the differences to which men are liable in
point of sensibility. These differences being attended
to and provided for, the objection vanishes.

In point of Variability with respect to in point of magnitude
they are in possess with respect to the pain that
so belongs to them necessarily and by nature in the utmost proportion to wit organical pain).
But by convention a pain allows adheres to that proper natural
another the their ad pain another is made to
adhere as it were by institution in virtue of a
mode of thinking turn of thought which in universal a greater or
less degree prevails universally or nearly so in
all civilized nations. This is the pain of ignominy.
Infamy accordingly is then stands inseparably is annexed To As a simple afflictive punishment
thence stands inseparably annexed to a certain

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