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Disablement Simple modes of Punishment

2dly The internal ear might be disabled with respect
to its specific functions. The nose could scarcely.
The eyes not easily without disfigurement – mutilation.[b]

The Jaws could not scarcely without producing death.[a]

On the extremities, the operation might be performed
in either of three on most of the joints by one or other of five six ways. 1st By dislocation of the
bone: 2dly By the cutting of a tendon: 3dly by the cutting
of an artery. To 4thly Probably by the cutting of a nerve. 5thly By laying bare the flesh of that and a contiguous joint, and letting them adhere together as they heal: To the fifth 6thly Perhaps by long-continued ligation or by other methods which it would answer in purpose to enumerate. On the internal
ear it might possibly be performed by puncture
of the tympanum; or by destruction of the Tineus or
malleus: tho this might perhaps be considered as an
act of disfigure deform disfigurement or mutilation.

Of all these species of disablement I know of
none that has been inflicted properly designedly for the
purpose either of torture or of punishment. As
to the rest it is obvious
The mischief evil it is the nature of it to them to produce are evils of privation.
But Not that these evils it is no fact. At never can however can in any case come
absolutely single. A certain quantity of excruciating organical pain is a necessary accompaniment consequence of every
act by which any of those punishments can be inflicted.

[a] Disablement of the eyes, that is blinding, might
be performed inflicted by cementing together or sewing
together the eye-lids, in such manner as to
be either transient or temporary. or perpetual. In the latter way it would be even perpetual, if no steps were
taken to cure it by disuniting the parts that were artificially

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