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Disfigurement Simple modes of Punishment

The other species of Deformation, viz: Disfigurement
is like Discolourment distinguishable into transient
and permanent: and again that which is permanent into
temporary and perpetual.

It may be stiled a transient species of disfigurement
when a any foreign substance is connected, in
the way of dress or otherwise with any part of the
body, not so as to produce [any remarkable degree of] corporal restraint, yet in such a manner as to render overcome dispose the whole
aspect to the view to produce an impression of disgust or terror, changing at the same time the contour of the body, which circumstance it is that may serve to distinguish it from that mode of discolourment that is produced by pigments.

As to the means [rinciple] whereby the impression in question is
And that whether In matters not produced, it matters not whether it be by the direct and natural tendency
of the image thereby that is exhibited, or by it's
association with other images not exhibited [ to the
senses.] To this head may be referred the gloomy frightful
garbs with which sufferers delinquents of certain classes are wont to be clad
who are sentenced by the Inquisition. Some with the representation of
flames upon them, others; with that of Devils: images of] emblems of
sufferings to come. Of this kind to is the American
punishment of tarring and feathering, as
far as feathering is concerned; the tarring as we
have observed being referable to the head of discolourment. With us, I recollect no instance where
transient discolourment disfigurement is in use in the way of punishment. It is not more
limited to parts than discolourment is.

Disfigurement that shall be permanent, yet not
perpetual may be produced in various ways. 1st
By wounding. 2dly By inflammatory application. 3dly

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