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Disfigurement. Simple modes of Punishments

By inflation. 1st ⊞ By solution of scarification, corrosion, cauterization, or other means whereby a either of substance so it be not comparable, or simple solution of continuity is produced. 2dly inflammation without solution of continuity produced by in
virtue of
the mechanical powers of the instrument: 2dly By
the like Inflammation produced by the chymical or pathological
powers of the instrument. 3dly By inflation, or the introduction of air into the cellular membrane:[a] unless the effects when produced by this latter method
should seem more properly referable to the
head of transient disfigurement.

In the two first ways it is produced of course &
without any special intention as a necessary means
to the production of certain modes of excruciative
punishment. With as I know not any instance
of it's being so produced in any way by design. In France it
is part of the
shaving off the hair is part of the
punishment inflicted on (I should rather say denounced against) on the woman for adultery. Such at least is the punishment I find denounced
in this case by the letter of their Jurisprudence Code penal.[b]
Per Temporary By the Among the Gentoo inhabitants of Indostan it is the punishment of a Bramin who kills another man. The Bramins are their Priests. Another killing a Bramin is roasted above In Permanent disfigurement is not scarcely more limited in
respect to parts, than transient.

The scene seat of perpetual disfigurement, not amounting
to mutilation is much more limited. These ways
in which it can show itself are but two: 1st irreparable loss of substance
and 2dly change of figure without irreparable loss of substance.
In Adults: change of figure without loss of substance in the fleshy parts of the trunk or extremities that are merely
fleshy can not well be effected in any remarkable degree without disablement. Qn. by bad dressing?
unless perhaps by ligature.
In new-born children it may;[c] but in that instance
it is impossible it should ever be of use in the way
of punishment. In parts that have bone in them it

[b] To reduce the nails of a Chinese Nobleman to a commodious
length, would in China be disfigurement. So would
the cutting off the beard in Russia, if performed upon a peasant
or a Country Gentleman. So it would in England if performed upon
certain Jews.

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