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Discolourment and Disfigurement.

proof of this let any one consider whether with
respect to persons of his own sex to where character
he is a stranger, he does not in general
find himself most prejudiced in favour of those
whose form person [figure] he finds most agreeable.

'Tis however in the estimation of persons of
the opposite sex that for obvious reasons a person
is most exposed to suffer in consequence
of a misfortune of the kind in question.

I would not deny but that there are certain
cases in which the consideration of the means by which a man
came to undergo it may have the effect of
procuring him a greater or at least a more
efficacious portion of good will than the misfortune
itself may occasion him to lose. It is in this way
that a wound received in the defence of a mistress
has gained many a pl man a higher place than
ever in her affections: and [in general it is in this
way that] the honour of a scar received in his
country's cause has more than rewarded many a soldier
for what he has suffered in pursuit of personal appearance the loss of beauty. But it is not in every
case that honour is thus connected with misfortune. And But even where it is, whether moral respect shall prevail over
physical disgust depends upon the prevalence of sentiment
over task in the persons whose goodwill is in
question. And as no man can be sure beforehand
of this prevalence in the generality of those whom
he may have to deal with, hence every man in
case of such a misfortune is exposed made to sufferat all events
to a pain of the apprehension and; an uneasiness grounded indiscriminately on the total mass of the various
several the pleasure pains he imagines himself exposed,
on account of the want to such good will to suffer: and of
the place was he be imagines himself exposed, on the same account,
to live.</p>

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