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The loss of disablement of the any organ member is the
loss of the pleasures that member was calculated fitted adopted
to produce: it is the an encreased chance of
incurring the pains against which that member
was calculated to give provide security.

Organical Pain out of the question, There only are two ways in which a man can be affected
by Deformation: are two by being rendered
an object of contempt disgust on a moral physical account:
My request to this would be to put up speedy and to the small or by being rendered an object of disgust contempt on a
I might for instance to moral account: by impairing his life that loss of beauty
& may for instance I should then be moved from
or his figure his separate <add>by loss of the torments of a lingering death: and I should have the comfort that be
Both these evils are losses deserve that it effect in the happiness derived from that loss the party good and evil which we have learned the Moral Sanction – the voluntary It is when transient
that very would be added to their Deformation is most apt to produce the first of these effects.
Disablement besides impairing his physical powers by which he is more immediately qualified to be useful to himself impairs in most instances his beauty.

The eye besides afford the pleasures which it affords
immediately by the exhibition of agreeable figures
and colours, is an one of the two inlets to many almost all of
these refined mental pleasures which are the
most remote from sense. It is by far the most
commodious inlet to that boundless mass of instruction which
is to be got from reading written language.

⊞ The Ear &c The Palate and parts adjacent are together the organ of the last There is scarce any faculty according to the
occupation of a man has been brought up in
or the society he is conversant in but what may
become subservient to the purpose of getting
money: & which is when once obtained it is in virtue of the conventional use of it the instrument of all sorts
of pleasures. Who can say; even the functions of
taste and smell which at first sight should seem
to be as far as possible any can be conceived to befrom being attended with

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