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fot struck off: he adds or whereby he loseth the
"use of any of the his said members." The Confusion

The same Lord Coke treating expressly of Maymem
(for before he was treating of Villainage and Releases) -
refers to those his former definitions, and adds, "Castrato
vero, quamris latins sit, adjudicatur mahemium"
and he proves it by two authorities two records of Indictment for the offence of mayhem. What
he calls castrato is called one of those records authorities
virilium abscisso; in the other genilaticum mutilatio.
His Lordships ideas are as clear on Quere what is virilium abscisso? Quere
what is genilaticum mutilatio? - Confusion is compleat.
this part of the subject, as on any of the others. Let But
any one if any body else can find out what it was that was done to the
persons thus spoken of, if he that can it is I can

Since Understand as Instructed by Lord Coke's time succeeding Lawyers have been
perfectly well satisfied of their knowing what about the meaning of the
they mean when the speak of Maiming. word Mayhem.
This amongst other considerations may help to shew
that the physiological speculations contained detained
in this and the three preceding chapters, now if just, may
not not be altogether [ without their use.] useless & . As to the unlearned, some may find a difficulty in understanding how it is that a man's fore-teeth or any teeth should be of any great use in fighting: It may be a matter of doubt with some what use a man's fore-teeth may be of in fighting:</del>

The like doubt difficulty may occur with respect to certain
other members the amputation of which his
Lordship makes amount to fol Mayhem. and which are commonly looked upon as being given calculated rather to give less than destroy it. It
may also be doubted what sort of a member a
man's skull may be that he should lose the
use of it. It may also seem a little singular to

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