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of their satirical malignity the in allusions to
the authors writer of libels the who had been exposed undergone
to this species of punishment.

Cutting or slitting of the nose, lips & ears were
formerly a good deal practised in Russia
without destruction of sex or rank. It was
made the ordinary accomplishment of the
krout: the punishment of death was however
very rarely inflicted.*

* Note During the reign of the Star Chamber (the severity of which as Humes observes (Hist. VI. 307 ed. 1791) "was perhaps in itself somewhat blameable") [...] the
there are several instaces of the infliction of the species of punishment
in question as a punishment for what
was called denominated Libels

The routine infliction on One of th victims was a Dr A. Leighton was that & the punishment
[...] to which he was subjected consisted of the following
was as follows.</p>


1. He was severely whipt before he was put in the Pillory

2. Being set in the Pillory he had one of his ears cut off.

3. One side of his nose slit he branded on one cheek
with a red hot iron with the Letters S.S. signifying a
stirrer up of sedition, and afterwards carried back
again Prisoner to the fleet, to be kept in close custody.
And on that day & even night his sores upon his back
nose ears & face being not cured, he was whipt again at
the Pillory in Cheapside, & there had the remainder
of his sentence executed upon him, by cutting off the
other ear, slitting the other side of the nose, and branding
the other cheek" — Novr 1631 1630: State Trials vol XI p.121. &

Afterwards Soon after by the same Court & for the same species
of offence Trynne was condemned for his first offence.
In addition to other punishments to lose both
his ears and afterwards for a second offence [...]
addition to other punishments to lose the remainder
of his ears. Big Biog. Brit. App. Vol VII pp. 145, to

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