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Discolourment & Disfigurement

has only a chance more or less remote of producing
the same effects: others which though there be
no absolute certainty in the case, of the one
of those punishments has a greater chance
of producing than another has.

3. Discolourment & Disfigurement.

Organical pain out of the question there
are two ways in which a man may be disadvantageously
affected by Reformation: by being
rendered in a physical account as an object of
disgust: or by being rendered on a moral account
an object of contempt: by being endowed with
certain unpleasing physical qualities, only
having it testified of him that he was endowed
already with certain unpleasing moral
qualities: in a word by loss of beauty or loss
of reputation: the efficacy of the punishment
deriving its effect on the one case from natural
& universal principles, in the other from
local & positive institution.

Of the usual means of producing deformity,
or rather change of form in the way of punishment,
there is one which is calunde calculated to expose
a man to a high degree of contempt without
our contributing any thing at all or at least
contributing very little to render him an
object of disgust or producing & using and without producing except in a very slight degree organical pain. The punishment I mean
is that of Stigmatization. By stigmatization a
trifling change of colour is produced no more
than what is just sufficient for a walk: the
design of this walk is to testify that the patient
has committed some act of the number of those
that to which men are accustomed to annex contempt,
& the effect is to diminish their good will towards
the person contemned
the foundation of all
the voluntary and gratuitous services that
men are the with habit of doing each other.
Now, on the state of mutual dependance in from the constant need that we have of the good effect

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