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punishment, as for the excluding any Honorius
for Prince from the throne. The operation was
performed by holding before the eyes of the patient
a red hot plate of metal plate.*

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[+]. The Mouth. Gagging has been more frequently employed
as a precaution by delinquents themselves, than
as a judicial punishment. General Lally was
Before General Lally left quitted his Prison to be executed for the Glory of execution
a ball was thrust into his mouth, & this odious
precaution that was thus resorted to helped
urged perhaps in no small degree when his reputation was selafter his innocence had been established by a posthumous trial to prejudice the
public against the Judges by whom he was tried, after This species of punishment has occasionally
been employed in Prisons & in the Army were the office loquaciousness it It would
have possess the merity of being analogyous to the offence
if the offence were loquaciousness.

Gagging may be performed either by fixing a spike
in the mouth so as to render the two jaws
immoveable, or by thrusting into the mouth a
Ball just small enough to be got in. I admit
of its insertion
of such a size as just to admit
of insertion.‡

* (Note)
In Ducange (Gloss. Latin v. Abacare) may be seen
a review of the various modes of blinding formerly
in use, both in this & in other countries. The modes
that appear to have been most in use most in practise were performed
by scooping, burning with a hot iron, of with vinegar mixed
with lime, or binding the heard with a strong cord
till the eyes burst from their sockets.

‡ Under the Hindu law the month is an organ made up of as a medium
of punishment. "If a once born man mentions the name and class of a
"twice born man with contumely as if he say 'Oh Devadatta thou refuse
" 'of Brahmens' an iron style, ten fingers long, shall be thrust red hot
"into his mouth." Mst. of Hindu law by translated by Sir W Jones p.224.

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