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Deformation, Disablement and Mutilation examined

Neither These any more than any simple afflictive
punishments are not convertible to profit.

]Deforming punishments are not liable to any objection]
On the score of Frugality; neither Discolourment nor Disfigurement deforming punishments
the effect of which is to render the are not liable to any objection. Disablement and Mutilation
are. If the effect of either is to deprive
a man of getting his livelyhood by his own labour, and he has no sufficient income of his own he must
bank either be left to perish, or supported by the labour
of others. If he were left to perish it would not be
t mere Disablement or Mutilation but Capital Punishment.
If he be supported by the labour of others,
that all labour must either be bestow'd gratis,
as would be the case if he were supported on the
charity of relations and friends, or paid for at public
cost: in either case it is a charge on upon the public.
This in consideration also might of itself be sufficient to reprobate the employm application of these modes of
punishment in question to offences that are apt
species only of those modes as would have the affect
of incapacitating depriving the particular individual in question
of his livelyhood.

On the score of certainty as explained above, none
of these punishments it is evident can be liable to
any objection. They are upon the same footing in this
respect as all other Corporal Punishments I am speaking

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