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Deformation, Disablement and Mutilation examined.

a very high degree of Infamy: as is evident in the
instance of a stigma inflicted on a part usually out
of sight: or what is still stronger
of a mere temporary
change of dress put upon
a man for the purpose.
On the other hand in
many cases of disablement
or Mutilation

the (punishment of)
Infamy is lost as the
punishment in itself
advances encreases in in severity.
The quantity of Infamy
depends in great measure
upon the strength of the appearance
there is the case affords of an
intention on the part of
the Law Magistrate to produce
it. When therefore
the change is
no other than such as is frequently often
producible seen to be produced by
a calamity, so much
infamy as depends
upon the affections of
strangers will be sunk
in the other punishment.
To all who do not happen
to know his history
the patient will
appear an object not
of contempt but of
by compassion.
The scale of variation [does not run extend
so low so far on the minus side] is shorter on the minus
side that it is in imprisonment: still more so than
in pecuniary punishment. On the plus side it
is much longer in this than in either: but on both sides it falls short of
simple afflictive punishment. For the quantity of pain that which
might be inflicted in the this latter mode of punishment
is capable of producing is limited on the plus side only by
the sensibility of the patient; and d it is altogether nor is it subject to
certain in its nature those contingencies to which
that of the the punishments here in question are liable; but on
the contrary has all the certainty which as well
with respect to
that any kind of punishment can
have give.

Thus it stands with the whole series of the punishments
of this class taken together: but examine any one
of them separately, it is plain they are not susceptible
of any variation at all, at I mean that can be governed the pleasure
of the person who inflict author of the punishment. Whatever th inconveniences
a man suffers is apt to suffer by the loss of a leg
he must suffer in one case as much inconvenience as in another
for any thing the Judge can do in the way
of this same mode of punishment to diminish or
encrease it. He may choose indeed a more painful
in preference of a less the least painful mode of performing

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