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Deformation, Disablement and Mutilation examined.

to beg trust to pair occasional private charityto live by plunder, or to starve.

To a man who have been accustomed to live in a
state of liberty and comparative independency, especially if his way
of business employment has been such as afforded him a more
comfortable subsistence than is to be derived from rough
labour, the first of these courses is fit intensely irksome:
the second besides being irksome is precarious: to
avoid the fourth nothing therefore he can not therefore but find himself
under a very strong temptation to plunge
at all hazards into the third.

It is not indeed every kind of employment that
[requires a] demands confidence [to be placed in the workman]
nor indeed is every man will every employer so rigorous as to withdraw
his confidence upon occasion of a single instance
of delinquency. Nor therefore is the mischief by any
means sure to happen. Experience however it is
said has testified that the be danger of it's happening
is considerable Howard Sect. 3. p.39., and such as told it unless it can be provided
against must form a considerable objection to any
punishment the nature of which is to induce
a lasting Infamy.

This danger is greater most at it's highest when the mark stigma mark that
serves as an evidence of the infamy is indelible. Were
it not for such a mark the memory idea of the his guilt
would by degrees, die away in the memory of those who men: or
by what could come to the same thing the impression it
made of on them could gradually be effaced. His continuing in society a certain time without being guilty of any such offence of the nature of that which brought on him the disgrace in question, would serve as a proof that his character no longer what such as that disgrace indicated it to have been once. An indelible
stigma prop continually renews and keeps up the force of this

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