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Disablement. Evils.

From the loss disablement of any member is following two classes of evils: negative & positive: negative consisting in the loss of the pleasures
that member was adapted to procure: is in the positive consisting in an encreased
chance of incurring the pains against which
that member was calculated to provide security.

If The members above enumerated as being susceptible
of disablement without loss of life may be
divided into three 5 classes according to their uses. They are thus either

1st such as are organs
of life in general, and by that means of all motion
and all pleasure.

2dly such as are organs
of motion without being immediate organs of pleasure.

3dly organs of pleasure such are organs of the faculty ofbo discourse.

4thly Into organs of pleasure. or

5thly The organs of generation.

Organs of life are 1st The external mouth. 2dly
The lower Jaw. 3dly The Lungs. 4dly The Stomach and intestines.
5thly The intestinal anus. 6thly The Pudenda.

Organs of motion are 1st The hands; and in
general any portion of the upper extremities amounting
to a joint. 2. The feet, and in general any
portion of the lower extremities amounting to a
joint. 3. The vertebrae of the neck.

Organs of discourse are 1st The eyes. 2dly The
internal ears. 3dly the mouth. 4thly the lower jaw. 5.
the tongue. 6thly the hands.[a]

Organs of pleasure are 1st the Eyes. 2dly the
internal nose. 3dly the palate with the parts adjacent the internal Ear. 4thly the internal
5thly the Pudenda. 6th The Skin in general.

The organs of generation are the pudenda.

[a] By accident also the foot. Instances have now and then happen'd of men who having been born without hands or los them early, have learnt to perform the most of the functions of them, amongst others that of writing, with the feet.

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