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Disablement. Evils

to our conceptions than have single unconnected ideas: they do not
serve to express propositions. Let a serpent They do not
for example be supposed to be the mark of prudence express the difference between affirmation and negation:
between certainty and contingency: between
present past and future. Let the figure of a serpent be
for instance be the mark of prudence: and to
shew that it has relation to a man: and let it
be placed close to the figure of a man: and let it
be supposed that there is no difficulty in making
out who is the man designed in question. Still there
is nothing to express whether he is prudent or the meaning is to assert that the quality of prudence
not is to be understood does or that it does not
belong to him; whether that it belongs to him for a certainty
or whether it only may belong to him in such
an event; whether that, it belonged to him yesterday,
belongs to him to day or will belong to
him tomorrow

The finger long ago that is in use is when

Finger language

There is a way method of talking with the fingers, which
I imagine is every where pretty nearly the same.
Each of the twenty four letters has a correspondent
sign expressed by some attitude of one
or both of the hands. This is calculated originally
for such as have their sight: but it might be the fingers hands
made use of being the hands of him who represents

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