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will not go so far in this case towards procuring
him the comforts of life as it would otherwise.
If he cannot The less able he is to walk, the use of a or a Carriage
A man is not disabled
becomes the more necessary to him.

A man is not cannot well be can scarcely be disabled altogether from loco-motion
If he has his I have seen a man walk a tolerable pace
who had had both legs taken off at the knee walk
a tolerably e pace without the use of crutches. A
man who had only one such stump might who
retained as little as small a share of the lower
extremities as he could retain and live, might
move himself about with the use of crutches:
and he might manage crutches if he had
but as much of his arm as is above the elbow.

Livelyhood how far affected Persons how far debarred from different occupations by the disablement of different organs of motion

In the way of his livelyhood the disablement of his
limbs would affect a man more or less according
to his of occupation. The loss of a limb might
affect him not at all, in this way, or it might
deprive him of his livelyhood altogether. It
might either totally incapacitate him from the
kind of work he had been used to, or only make
his work labour less productive.

The loss of a single toe or even of the joint of a
toe, might incapacitate render a running footman unfit
for service: when the same less would not affect
an husbandman or a sailor. The loss of a foot

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