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inconvenience evil at all: and now it appears to import
death: the bound & conclusion and extremes extremity of all evil. How
are these seemingly contradictory observations reconcilable? is is reconcilable
By the addition of the simple circumstances of duration.
The [internal] causes which produce the evils in question
require a certain time to operate. Put Shut a man
go into up in a prison, for the past a minute he suffers
nothing, in a day he feels several inconveniences,
in a week perhaps he dies.

If Imprisonment then when being continued for a certain
space of time is prevented from terminating
in death, it is by means of some special care that
is taken [by another person to wit the Keeper
of the Prison] to except furnish him with the means
of warding off those evils. As he is supplied with
the means of warding off more or fewer fewer or more of those
evils, and that in a greater or less degree the imprisonment may be said to be less or
more severe. As the space which is made the
scene of his Imprisonment is smaller or larger or smaller
[ without regarding any other circumstance] it may
be said to be closer or less close.

The way to enable him to feel the several pains
a man is in the first instance subjected to by imprisonment is to furnish
give him with access to the several substances bodies by
the use of which are made use of for that purpose.

ber of ounces thatfor for a man of the description in question shall be deemed sufficient nourishment be ascertained? How
By what test then is the breach or observance of such a regulation to be made? By the
absence or presence of such a part of the requisite number of ounces of the food in question
of such or such a desirable quality of the food in question with respect to the place in question:

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