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It is the want of a test thus explicit that makes a set of Regulations in such a
strain of as the following appear to idle & insipid. That &c he .
It is this vague and loose method of expression that forms one of the characters of that
stile of writing among superficial politicians that may be stiled Utopianism be
Fragment or else Letter signed Hermes.

the ideas of those pains and those pleasures are precise proper
ideas: so are those of the several bodies by which the ideas of those bodies: By enumerating
therefore those the several pains and pleasures, and in
a line with them the several sorts of bodies in question that stand
thus connected with them, with we shall give as
precise an idea as is possible to be given of the nature
and possible varieties of the class of complex mass of punishments as
more are in use to comprise under the appellation of
Imprisonment. The simple circumstances of the absence or presence of the body
in question in sufficient quantity and in sufficient
frequency will serve to shew as a test to point out whether the inconvenience
that are placed in a with it is or is not
made a part of the complex mass of punishment
under any mode of imprisonment that can come
in question. These bodies are either immoveable or moveable; and
such as are immoveable may for this purpose be distinguished into
such as are so in their own nature, and such as are so with respect
to his [natural] own ability or that of any one who has the
of them to be
charge of to procure them to
be moved. How those Does With regard
to all such bodies as
from either of these accounts
are to be deemed stiled
immoveable it is evident
that a man's separation
from them will result
from the single circumstance
of his confinement: with regard
to such as are moveable, there is this farther
circumstance in the
case; viz. that of their
not being brought or admitted to him
as they might be. His
extension separation therefore from the
first depends upon the
nature of Imprisonment
in genera; for the second
upon the particular
regimen of the Prison.

The catalogue of these evils and of the means of
repelling them as far as I have been able to collect
them is as follows.

Evils | Remedies Means of Prevention
1 Pains of Hunger, Thirst, Debility habitual constitutional debility Death | Sufficient nourishment
2 Sensation of cold in various degrees of intensity – Falling off of the extremities by the stoppage of circulation Howard 39 – Death | Sufficient cloathing suitable to the climate and season – Burning fuel. Fire

The bringing subjecting the breach or observance of them to a test as
explicit as that of the absence or presence of such a body, or such
a sensible quality in such a body is what all regulations ought to have in view. To
what purpose ordain by Law that Prisoners shall have sufficient nourishment, unless the number

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