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There are other inconveniences which are not
of the essence of this mode of punishment, but are are
either naturally apt to result from it, or are in
use to be connected combined with it. The catalogue of these
is as follows.

1. Want of agreeable Confinement to disagreeable diet. The want of sufficient
diet for the purpose of nourishment is a
distinct mischief, which will come under another head.

2. Want of comfortable accommodations for repose.
Bad Hard Coarse bedding, or straw, or nothing but the
bare ground. This hardship alone has supposed been thought to have been
productive in some instances of Disease and even Death. Howard p. I should hardly have supposed imagined as much unless it can be in the case of prisoners of very tender and irritable habits.

8 7. Liberty of taking journies which may occasionally
become requisite for the purpose of
preserving health: such as to the Watering places for the benefit of Sea-bathing
for bathing or drinking the waters: [to places remarkable for the benefit]
for the purity air; or High
of an pur air more pure than common,
for the benefit of consulting a physician particularly
skilled in the use of
or of particular medical

3. Want of Light. By the exclusion of the natural
Light of the Sun by day, and the not furnishing or not
providing the introduction of the any of the artificial means of producing it by night.

4. Exclu Seclusion from the society of the other sex:

5. This is a part of the regiment in many prisons employ'd
as Houses of correction. The Men and Women are kept constantly separate. Where the Wife or other female acquaintance if the Prisoner be a man, or Husband or other male acquaintance if a woman, are not denied access, the hardship here in question does not follow from the abovementioned separation.

5 6. Total exclusion from Society: except the Keeper
and his servants, or some other special persons, at short and stated periods.

6 9. [Forced] Forcible ex obligation to mix of mixing with the promiscuous
assemblage of one's fellow-prisoners.

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