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Imprisonment – its three purposes.

Imprisonment makes a much more extensive figure
than any other kind of hardship that can
be inflicted in this way of Punishment. Every other
Punishment kind of hardship (Death alone excepted), may be inflicted
as we have seen for two purposes. Punishment
and Compulsion. This besides those two may be inflicted
for another a third: viz, Safe custody. Restraint: to wit for the sake of restraining him from doing more mischief which there is cause to apprehend his doing. To p.4 The ends being
in all those cases different, the management of it
ought to be different in conformity to those ends.

When it is intended for Punishment, [is the intention]
it may be more or less severe according to the quantity quality
and quality of the punishment intended to be inflicted. of the offence, and the condition of the offender.

When it is intended for P Compulsion the severer it is
the better; and this on several accounts.

1st. The severer it is the sooner it will overcome
the obstinacy of the offender of [that is if it does at
all] the sooner will be the end of it be attained.

2. The severer it is, the better chance will it have
of overcoming the obstinacy of the delinquent patient.

When the punishment suffering is protracted but slight, the
offender will danger is that the patient may come
by degrees to accommodate t in himself to it, t till at last
it ceases in a manner to operate upon him. This is
found to be the case not uncommonly with [Insolvent
Debtors] Prisoners for Debt. The confinement Imprisonment In an many
of our Gaols not being very irksome to those who have there are so many comforts to be had by

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