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Imprisonment examined

deficiency in the plan of discipline, the diet should be hard as well in point of quality as of quantity. It should not spare only, but be unpalatable. as well Spare diet producing short Hunger & Considered as Spare Diet means
producing Hunger abstinence and thence by degrees of ability, it is
necessary requisite to disturb that easy flow of the animal
spirits which in persons of a healthy constitution
is of itself a kind of pleasure.[a] [a] Animals have been thought not to be suceptible to ennui: & upon the same principle I am apt to think the working & illiterate part of mankind are less susceptible of it than their superiors in whom the thinking faculties are habituated to greater exercise. Unpalatable Diet
or is expedient to cut off that source of enjoyment
which in a state of freedom is of considerable
importance to the herd of men, and would be particularly
so in this extraordinary artificial & excessive dearth of pleasures comforts:
It appears then, that These three afflictions then, Solitude
Darkness, and Hard Diet [of form a compact &
consistent body of discipline that ought not to be
sever'd.] coalesce naturally into one compact body
of discipline composed of an assemblage set of punishments that operate
towards the same end, fortify and second and assist and
fortify corroborate each other, and which therefore ought not
to be sever'd. The Any variation that it may be found
requisite to make in the degree of their severity
without breaking in upon this useful association may be effected effectually brought about by the circumstance of time.

[In this situation there cannot be a more
favourable opportunity for the instructions and exhortations
of Religion] Another advantage attendant upon
this situation is that it is peculiarly favourable fitted
to dispose a man to listen with attention and deference
to the instructions and exhortations of Religion.
There is no idea however insipid or irksome it

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