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Imprisonment examined.

more precise than the foregoing. But The misfortune is
that these like the greater part of the terms which
swell the moral vocabulary and compose almost solely the religious are not calculated of themselves to
convey any very precise import, but serve to rather
to express the disapprobation which he who uses them
entertains of the objects practises in question than that
tendency to produce mischief (I mean always
pain or loss of pleasure) that is or at least ought
to be the ground of it. I shall endeavour therefore
in this place to give as precise an idea
as I can (so as not to enter too invincibly into particular
discussions) of the phenomena habits & practices mischiefs in which
corruption displays itself, and of the way in
which it tends to produce mischief in society.

[a] The term corruption in the mouths of many perhaps
in the bulk of moral speculators has not more any
idea more precise belonging to it, than the terms
vanity, luxury and so forth. These terms being
applied at one time times or other to all the occupations
mischievous or innocent in which men are or can be engaged with a view to pleasure, impart express in
fact nothing at all concerning the practise occupations or practises
themselves, but only that the moralist speaker is
out of humour with them.

The ill poor consequences of such the association intercourse in question
may be comprised seen under the following heads in the following effects. 1st In
the strengthening adding strength in the minds of all parties concerned

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