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Imprisonment examined.

come. [I say sympathy: for it is a vulgar prejudice
to me [that makes to make but two classes of mankind, the good
and the bad, and] [to suppose that the accident which subjects
a man to the task of the Law while it leaves a
thousand others equally guilty untouched takes from
him all manner of good qualities of which it leaves leaving the
others in undisturbed possession (of theirs.)]

The considerations derived from the moral sanction
are the pain and loss of pleasure various evils positive & negative apprehended from the ill will of
the such persons with whom the person in question is
in society. Now this society before independently to the imprisonment
was composed of persons at large; and could
not but include many persons of ordinary worth and
probity. To such persons of those behaviours modes of conduct any actions which on any
account and particularly that of disturbing the happiness
of society are generally obnoxious wold have been
odious and if avowed or otherwise would have drawn
down on the actors the ill will of this honest part
of their associates. But this society is at an end; and
instead of it a man finds himself aggregated to another and much more contracted society [is formed instead of it] within formed [bounded by] the prison walls. This society
having interests opposite to the former is governed gives birth
to habits and principles sentiments opposite to those which stand are
approved of under the former. The habits and practices
which were there were odious there, because they were there mischievous
their, not being mischievous are not odious
here. Plundering is not odious among those who have nothing

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