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Imprisonment examined

to be plundered of. To the virtue of honesty probity some it is
in vain for any of them to make pretensions: they agree
therefore by a kind of tacit convention to lower depreciate cry down its
value. The virtues of patients, intrepidity, activity, ingenuity &
fidelity which are though generally beneficial pr pernicious may be so or not according
as they are subservient to the other not regulated in subordination, are
magnified to the prejudice of the former. A man therefore
is applauded for his patience, though it was
exerted in lying in wait for a booty for his intrepidity
though manifested in his assaulting of the innocent in attacking the dwelling of a family
traveller at peaceable housholder, or in his defending himself against
the ministers of Justice: For his activity though
employ'd in seizing the incautious traveller: for
his ingenuity though display'd in working upon
the hopes the fears or the the sympathetic feelings of some deluded compassionate benefactor:
for his act fidelity though employ'd in screening the his
companions of associates in some lawful exa enterprise of mischief in
general the
from the pursuit of the injured. The
virtue of probity even though it were not of slighted
would dwindle for want of exercise. From the world
at large, with the objects of desire and competition
it abounds with, they stand excluded: the few articles
of that kind which can enter their comfortless abode,
are marked out and secured to the right owner by the
res strict discipline of the [prison] plan. established in it.

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