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Imprisonment examined.
From 30

of this Sanction app acting in opposition to that of the
local Moral Sanction which is generated and governs
in a prison Prison will naturally have the whole force
of this latter exerted against it to overthrow it. Not
that a Prison is the region of a and scrupulous Philosophy. The
arguments there made use of will be such as are
addressed rather to the Passions than to the Judgement.
The idea of a God will no more be assailed by the
conclusions of drawn from Reason, than arth in the minds of
the generality of men it is supported. The credibility
of the Revealed History will not be controverted by
objections driven derived from the tenor of other Histories,
nor by refined speculations concerning the competency
of Evidence. The way by wh method force of this Sanction will
be rather chided than opposed: the tempter will rather
try to divert the attention of his auditors from the
idea of God's displeasure, than directly contest
the probability of its being manifested. Should he
ever make the attempt he will keep to charge vague
still more
as vague their and random charges suited to his
own unskilfulness and the precipitate hunger of his
auditors. He will maintain that maintain as far as is maintain apart in a dogmatical
and of scoffing tone he will maintain as far as asserting is maintaining that the intimations we have of a
future state of Punishment (for Malefaction) is are & obscure,
and in a word such as none but cowards would
believe: such as none could believe when judgment
was not corrupted by their Fears. In mentioned cowardice,
he will find himself touching that he touches upon a fibre

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