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Imprisonment examined.

peculiarly irritable in the class of men he has to deal with.

In this class of men at least it can hardly be improper to rank the extirpation of Religious principles
under the head of corruption. Even Atheists
must I think allow, that if there be a class of men
on whom the influence of the Religious Sanction is
likely to do more good than mischief, it is the present.
on a Statesman the influence of the Religious
Sanction when connected with a System of Precepts has been said to be pernicious: on account
of the certain Precepts it with which it is apt to be
thought coupled
if the tenor of those precepts is not
uniformly conformable to the dictates of utility. But
under thus much I think will be granted, that even in Statesmen a belief in the
Religious Sanction is not necessarily clogged with
a believe in any such incommodious System of Precepts:
and what is more decisive, the inhabitants
of these regions are not men to influence
the Councils of the State.

It has been said Again that Again that among of some of the precepts of Religion
are some which militate against the principles dictation of
utility by sacrificing requiring the sacrifice of pleasures
[or which the goo happiness of the society does not
require to be sacrificed] the sacrifice of which conduces
not upon the whole to the happiness of society. It
has been said may seem also that the pain which a belief
in the Religious Sanction exposes a malefactor man to
and particularly a [first-rate] malefactor is boundless:man being a pain of apprehension grounded on pains of sufferance

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