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Imprisonment examined

more forcible impression. An ample mass of experience observations
will be soon collected drawn from the experience
of the whole society; and each particular member of it
will soon be wise with the wisdom of the whole.
Prisons therefore have are very commonly and very
properly stated Schools of Profligacy Vice: except that in
these Schools the Scholar has much more
powerful motives for and more effectual means of
acquiring the sort of knowledge that is to be learnt
here, than in professed Schools he has of acquiring
the sort of knowledge that is taught there. In the
Professed School he is stimulated only by fears has only fears to stimulate him, which the
fulfilling of which depends upon the fallible (success of the) vigilance of others.

do not act where the fact of proficiency is known
only to himself. In this School by hopes which are the accomplishment
flatter'd by his of which depends upon his own activity.
His inclinates co-operates with the power that actuates him.

In professed Schools, one single person teaches all
the rest, the stock of knowledge of knowlege is no more
than proceeds from that single person. In these
Schools of vitious knowlege, each person is a teacher
to every other. The stock of knowledge is the united contribution
of them all. In professed Schools, the Scholar
has amusements more inviting to him that the professed
occupation of the School, the professed occupation of the School is comparatively a pain. In these he has no
such amusements. The occupation in question is
one of the chief of the few pleasures his situation
admitts of.

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