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General Hard Labour Cheapness Scheme &c

injured or his representatives. 2dly The Magistrate. 3d. The Hirer. 4thly The
delinquent himself. So that the consent agreement of each of
these four persons shall be necessary.

By this means In such a contract all parties will find their account. 1 The party injured in the price paid him by the
Master. 2. The Master in the advan profit he
may gain upon the servant's labour. 3d The Servant
in working at his own employment with a master of his own
choice, instead of being confined to hard labour
in a prison.

The master will find his account in treating the
servant kindly. For if the If he does not, the servant
may at the expiration of the term engage
with a new master, or at the worst surrender
himself to prison. If the servant dies, the loss
The Servan will be the Master's. The Magistrate might even have the power of discharging him before the end of the term in case of any gross ill treatment.

The Servant will find his account in behaving
well. For if he does not, the Master may [at
the expiration of the term or] at any time send
him back to prison.

An A peculiar advantage attending this mitigation of punishment
is that delinquents would stand the better
chance of obtaining it in proportion to the
goodness of their general characters. This would be
a means of carrying the proportion between punishment
and demerit to a greater degree of exactness
than it could be carried to in any other manner.
As a means of To prevent desertion the master

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