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Hard Labour Cheapness General Scheme &c

might be empowered and even enjoined to continue
the evanescent stigma: in which case he should
be responsible to the party injured to the extent
of a certain number of quarter's rent: reserving
to him the power of retaining the delinquent,
if he should retake him, a proportionate time.
The delinquent himself should in case of desertion
be punished with perpetual imprisonment.
It would might require in this case some degree of
nicety to define what should be deemed desertion.

A disadvantage attending both these plans is
that the chance of a party injured would stand
to be of being re-imbursed would depend upon either the absolute
or relative quantity of the fees loss, not upon the magnitude of his loss, nor upon his ability to bear either but a upon a matter circumstances
totally unconnected with it: viz: the ingenuity
and general probity of the delinquent.

This inconvenience in would be obviated by
making the public every man's insurer. The public
in that case, making good every man's loss, should
receive what profit was to be gained upon the
labour of every delinquent. No deduction need be
made as in common insurances, since the trouble
of prosecuting the deb would give parties an a sufficient interest
in being vigilant in their own defence.

To a prevent fraudulent conspiracies, the sum for which
the Public should be held chargeable should be limited.
It should not be greater than the worth
of a man's service during life. Qn.

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