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Quasi-Imprisonment Territorial Confinement

Imprisonment, have no such natural connection
with Territorial Confinement. They may be superadded
to it just as any other punishment, Forfeiture
for instance, or Mutilation, may be superadded
to it. But they do not coalesce with it into
one Punishment, as they do with Imprisonment,
and if the by accident they happen to be connected
with it, they can be inflicted only by the precarious
instrumentality of moral means: whereas when
coupled with Imprisonment the application continuance of
them is ensured by physical. Let Give Let a man a
whole town to range in, you may debar
him from the use of pen ink and paper, by
making it penal for him to use any of those implements. He will then use them or not according to the impression the subsidiary punishment happens to make upon him. But in the same way you might just
as easily confi debar him from them if he were
not confined at all. Whereas Shut him up in a
chamber where there none no of those implements are to
be found, it is then impossible he should use them.

Of The abuses incident to Imprisonment, some are
incident in one a certain degree to Territorial Confinement. This is the case
where the scene of confinement is some unwholesome
Region. In this light one might consider for example
the punishment of an English man, who
should be compelled to reside [for instance] in some of
the English Settlements on the Coast of Africa.

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