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Territorial Confinement

The condition of Prisoners who are within what is
called the Rules of those Prisons that have Rules
answers well to the idea of Territorial Confinement. the species of restraint we are now speaking of.
But this kind of Territorial Confinement is never
inflicted directly in a direct way as a punishment. The Punishment
inflicted by the Law is that of Imprisonment
which the Prisoner is allow'd to commute upon paying
for it, for the other punishment less severe milde species of restraint. A man is
not committed to the Rules: b he is committed to
the Prison, and upon paying what the Goaler chooses
or is permitted to demand he has the liberty of the
Rules; that is of being in any part of a certain
district round about the Goal.

It appears from Mr Howard that there are
6 Prisons in England that have Rules belonging to
them. In London two, The Fleet, Howard p.156 & the King's Bench.|| || ib. 196
In the Cornish Borough of Lostwithiel a Tarn ib 386, in Newcastle upon Tine# # ib. 422
in each one, in Carmarthen two ib. 468. ||| ||| ib. 469 In Lostwithiel the rules extend
over the whole Borough. In one of the
Carmathen Jails for they extend near a mile round. What
their extent is in the other places not not appear.

The several places inhabitable districts that are privileged
from Arrest have may be considered in some measure the effect of as scenes of

subj Territorial confinement with respect to Offenders
who resort to them to escape being arrested and
sent to Prison. A man in both cases changes has the option of changing the
severer hand species of Restraint into a milder. In the one

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