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Territorial Confinement and Banishment

destroyed. An English Cutter Broad-Cloth Weaver or Hatter.
A French Cook or Taylor Dancing Master, Hair Dresser or Milliner, an Italian
Musician Singer or Painter would be apt not to find themselves A Prussian Military Officer might be
full as likely to gain as to lose in this article
by Banishment.

The abuses affecting health which are incident to Territorial Confinement are so to
Relegation and to definite Banishment, when definite.

The quantity of suffering incident to Banishment and
in some cases to Relegation will depend upon the
patients knowledge acquaintance or want of knowledge in acquaintance with foreign
Languages: And for tis purpose it ought
to be borne in mind that by far the greater part
of the people in a country know use no language
but their own. A great deal will depend upon the
extent of the language a man speaks in proportion to the state he is a member of.
An Italian or a German merely by being banished
his own state would suffer nothing in this respect
A Frenchman because in other states he will find the bulk of the
people speaking precisely the same language. Next
to an Italian or a German a Frenchman would
be least exposed to suffer; on account of the popularity
of the French Language in other European nations.
Next to him a Spaniard perhaps a Portuguese
a Dutch man, a Fleming. A Spaniard and a
Portuguese on account of the close affinity of those languages
to one another; and not to omitt their own distant
affinity of to the Italian and the French. A Dutch

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