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Territorial Confinement and Banishment

of people of these classes do, and in the nature of things
must rise for the most part almost immediately
from sense the senses.

To the common people a slight change in any of
those articles will often prove an intolerable hardship.
Those who fare the hardest are often as nice in their
way as those who fare the most delicately.


[a] There are few persons I suppose whose experience
has not furnished them with an observation of instances that may serve to confirm this
act observation. I knew an instance of a servant that quitted a
gave warning to quit a family where she had
lived many years for no other reason than that
Household bread was introduced instead of wheaten. So in Scotland: pr Wilson.

From 13
⊞ Of want impertinence it is to a man's happiness the possessing or
not possessing the language of the people with whom he lives is easily understood
The A difficulty in conversation imparts a difficulty
in making known all one's wants; in taking the
necessary steps for procuring all sorts of pains pleasures, &
warding off all sorts of pains.

I must leave it to the reader to fill up many
omissions, and to soften down the harshness of
many of the above general outlines. With respect
to the details it were endless haste to give him a thorough
information my object therefore is not so
much to (give him information, as to put him inform him, as to put him in a method to inform
in a way of getting informing it himself.) What has been
said already will I imagine be amply sufficient to
justify the practical conclusions concerning those modes
of Punishment which follow in the suceeding Book.Ch.

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