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Laborious Punishment

The pain then whatever it is that is produced
by Punishment of the have
acted laborious is produced by the patients
own act: it is the patient who considers
pain inflicted it on himself.

The instrument we have been speaking of as
that which is to act upon the volition

One thing is here to be noted with respect reference
to the instrument. What we spoke of under that name with respect
to punishments of the passive kind and that were
was the very thing by the immediate action of which the pain then in question
was produced. This is not the case with the
instrument here in question: for here in the chain of
causes and effects there is a link or two interposed
between the instrument and the pain
produced by means of it. It first produces the
volition: then that prohibition volition produces a correspondent
external act: and it is that act that
is the immediate instrument cause by which the
pain here in question is produced. [ This pain punishment
then we see has the remarkable circumstance
that to distinguish it from those other punishments,
that it is (in all cases but those barely
supposable ones which are have been already
spoken of) it is produced immediately by the patient's
own act. It is the patient who to avoid
a greater punishment inflicts it on himself.

What then is the sort of act that is calculated
to produce pain in the case of Laborious active
Punishment? It admitts of no other description any description more particularly

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