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Laborious Punishment

probably to most men be rather an agreeable occupation: to
pick them, an indifferent one. But in two
or three hours times for example the eating them will be
intolerable, while the picking them will may
still remain perhaps in itself nearly a matter of indifference.

To every occupation a time period may be set such
that if the occupation be continued beyond it
it shall for a certainty to every man be disagreeable: within
that time, different occupations will become
disagreeable to different persons according to their different tastes at the end of shorter
or of longer periods. according to their different tastes.

To make the sum of his occupations pleasurable,
every man must therefore be at liberty
to change from one to another according to
his task. Hence it is that any occupation
whatsoever which a man is not left at liberty for a very certain proportion of his
to give time a man is compelled to exercise
without the liberty of changing to another becomes disagreeable to him, and the exercising
it is in short a punishment.

There must for the punishments of this [Active punishments are as various as the occupations which
class that may by possibility be inflicted man for the various purposes of life man can have occasion
to those that have actually been inflicted. To Inf. p.1. No 1. to be employ'd — in.]
These being usually inflicted on all offenders
indiscriminately, have been such as all offenders
indiscriminately are physically qualified
to perform exercise undergo. They have been its consisted commonly in various many exertions
of muscular strength force, in which there has not been

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