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Laborious Punishment

with of him to dexterity nicety required with regard to the direction manner of the application. And
they have been as for the sake of a collateral of it benefit besides in addition to those which are expected from punishment as such, they have
generally been not as of a nature to produce
a profit to somebody in some shape or other one shape or another.

A very common one has been that of Rowing.
in reports made to This is an exercise
performed chiefly by man strength, with
very little mixture of skill, and that presently
attained. Some vessels of a bulk large enough
to bear any Sea are made so far as to be idle put in motion in this manner; even without
the help of sails. Vessels thus constructed
are called Gallies. Gallies hae the advantage of going continuing pursuing their
course in a calm, which other vessels have
not. This exercise is more unpleasant in itself
than that of an ordinary seaman, as having
less variety. This punishment from the
place in which and the subject on which the
labour is exerted is called in one word the Gallies: and the persons who are made to undergo it, Galley Slaves. It is in use in most of the maritime
states in Europe, but our own.

Working on the Fortifications by digging and Cleaning Harbours and making or repairing
carrying the earth to be removed
Fortifications is another service to in which delinquents
have been compulsorily engaged for the purpose of
punishment. It This mode of punishment has been is
of no considerable standing in many nations of Europe.
The latter has been former was adopted in this country

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