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Laborious Punishment

country for the first time in the year 1776. by Stat. 16.G.3. c.43 It is
confined to males.

Beating Hemp

a special are showing
as person shall

Digging in the Mines is a kind of labour
made use of in the way of punishment in
Hungary the dominions of the two north-most Empresses. In Hungary The mines are of Quicksilver: and
the unwholesome quality effects of that metal upon a
person who is exposed to the effluvia of it for
a length of time, may be one reason for employing
criminals in that work as in preference
to other persons.

Beating Hemp is the most common of
the employments which delinquents are put
to in our workhouses. Persons of both sexes
are subjected to it without distinction. To Ins. 5. No 3.

All these kinds of labour whether indiscriminate
or specific require as a necessary confinement accompaniment, Quasi-Imprisonment at least
at least Territorial Confinement Confinement at least of the Territorial kind: for a
man must be upon that spot, and no other, where
the business whatever it is, is to be done. Some
of them impart Imprisonment. This is the case
with the Gallies, with with Digging in the Mines
and with Beating Hemp and with in general with those other domestic species of labour which employments now are compelled to
performed under a Roof.

More than this they impart Restraint upon occupations: to wit upon all occupations incompatible wit those in which they constrain a man to employ himself. The degree of this restraint is in a manner indefinite occupational
Restraints, and that to an indefinite degree
; as we shall

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