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Laborious Punishment.
No 2.

From p.2.

There It is manifest therefore that when a Punishment of the Laborious
class is appointed, another Punishment is must necessarily
be appointed along with it. However There
are therefore in every such case two different Punishments at least necessarily concerned.
One which is the only one directly & originally intended,
the Laborious Punishment itself: this I
will state the principal or proper punishment: the other, which
is called in to the assistance of the other only in case
in case of the former not being submitted to: is is
contain called in to its assistance: this I will stile the subsidiary Punishment.

This subsidiary Punishment I have already
intimated may be of any kind that if in point of degree quantity is great enough. I mean, in the
first instance. But if the subsidiary punishment
be likewise of the laborious kind, a third punishment
will be wanting to aid in aid of the second, for
the same reason that the second was wanting to
aid the first. The case, is we shall see, must be the same where the
subsidiary punishment is of the restrictive class,
if the instrument of restraint be of the moral
kind there as well as here. For In that case as well
as in this the will of the patient himself is necessary
to constitute the punishment. Now to
determine the will some punishment incident will
is be always necessary, that does not itself depend upon the will.

It is plain therefore, that The only kinds of punishment therefore that can
serve as punishment of dernier resort are in the
first place all such punishments as are purely passive:
in the next place among restrictive punishments such
in what is in which the instrument is of the physical

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